Carol (Missy) Cohen MPH, CHHC

What does being healthy mean to you?

So many people want to be “healthy” yet when asked what that means are unable to define it for themselves.  To some it means being thinner. To others, it means having more energy or less fatigue. How health is defined is up to the individual but it all starts with caring for yourself first. Of course diet and nutrition are important. The foods that we choose become us on a cellular level. Nothing that we eat leaves our bodies in the same way it entered our bodies – and if it does please seek medical attention! The food that you eat is broken down into much smaller parts and eventually becomes our bodies on a cellular level. The next time you are feeding your body, think about that! Do you want to be part of the natural world by eating foods that grow from the ground or be made up of man-made chemicals?  Eating natural foods is one of the first ways to treat yourself right and find more energy!  So, next time you are hungry, choose a food that will provide you with good health and natural energy! A meal should not leaving you feeling tired and having trouble concentrating! If you eat something that leaves you feeling that way, take note of that and make a different choice next time! Another way of taking care of yourself is to exercise. People that do not like to exercise are probably relating exercise to going to a gym with a bunch of hot, sweaty people where they might feel like they are being judged. Exercise does not have to be that way. Do you remember when you were a kid? Did you spend hours riding your bike around the neighborhood with your friends? Did you play street hockey? Or, perhaps, you were on a team at school – soccer, tennis, track, whatever. Here is the question… why did you stop moving your body in ways that you loved?  There are plenty of clubs out there for adults to play the sports that they enjoyed as kids. Or, if you were more of a “hang out with your friends” sort of person, call up a friend and go for a walk or a bike ride.  What is stopping you from getting in the movement that you loved as a child?! Of course, a gym offers wonderful opportunities to try something new and meet those people that you might call for that walk or bike ride! Connecting with others is yet another way to maintain our health.  Even people who describe themselves as introverts are social! Take time to build and sustain your relationships with others whether it’s your significant other, children, or friends. Connecting with others gives us a feeling of self-worth and importance that provides us with a different kind of energy! And remember, don’t just give! Let others take care of you as well! Finally, make sure to take time for yourself! It’s when you connect with yourself that you slow down and rediscover what is important to you! When we provide care for others all the time, we lose track of who we are. This often leads to sickness. Our bodies are really smart! When we provide for others and do not provide for ourselves our bodies make us ill so that we HAVE to slow down and take care of our own needs!  Scheduling time for your every day is not selfish; it’s necessary!  If you are thinking to yourself, “It’s just not possible! I have a carpool to drive, meals to prepare, a job to do and a house to maintain!” then it’s time to look at your responsibilities and see what you can give up! Can you add more people to your carpool so you can drive less often?  Do you have a significant other, roommate, or kids that can help with meal preparation? There are always ways to add time into our day and the gift you will give yourself will be invaluable!

What does “healthy” mean to you?

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