Carol (Missy) Cohen MPH, CHHC

Are you “fine?”

Have you ever been to the doctor and been told that “everything is fine” but you don’t feel “fine.” Perhaps your blood pressure is slightly elevated or there is some blood work that is creeping into an unhealthy range but is still normal. You may have had symptoms for quite some time – headaches, achy joints, stiff knees when you get up from sitting, blurry vision, congestion. You know what I am talking about. Those annoying symptoms that you cover with a pill and continue on.

Those symptoms, my friends, should NOT be ignored.

They are your body telling you that something is not right. That your body is inflamed and fighting something whether it is toxins in the environment, pesticides or chemicals in your food, chemicals in your personal care items or cleaners, or perhaps an underlying, undiagnosed yeast infection or some other low-grade infection that is flying under the radar.

Optimal health is very simple. It only requires three things:

  • Maximize what your body needs whether that is nutrients from food, clean water, or a chance to move.
  • Minimize what does not work for your body. Things that build up and cause whatever symptom it may be that you are covering up.
  • Create an environment for healing. So many people do not make enough time in their lives for healthy relationships, exercise, and rest including sleep! These things are important for optimal health.

Work toward optimal health every day by:

Green leafy

  • Eating whole, real unprocessed food. Try for organic if possible but it is to better to eat conventional fruits and vegetables than processed foods. Make sure to get in some green, leafy vegetables every day.


  • Avoid toxins in your environment as much as possible. Use fluoride-free toothpaste (it’s easy to make your own) or wash your hair with baking soda to avoid the toxins in shampoo. Go to to see what is in the products that you use and learn which ones are safe and which ones are not.

Having a rest

  • Make time to exercise and get plenty of sleep every day. If there is a t.v. show that you HAVE to see, record it or watch it on On Demand or Netflix later. Your sleep is more important! Go play outside! Remember how happy you were as a child? Being outside is not just for kids!

Feeling great is within your reach! It might take a little detective work but it can be done.

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    Lisa Shorr


    Hi Missy! Great article and really good tips to think about!


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    Great post! So many of us tend to ignore those “little” symptoms until it is too late. It’s best to be proactive about our own health and to listen to those messages from our body.


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      It’s so true, Kelly! I did for years. I didn’t understand what it meant and my doctor told me “not to worry about it.” I don’t smoke, do drugs or drink very much alcohol but I’ve been poisoning myself for years with poor food choices and the toxins in my personal care items. Thanks for reading!


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