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The Devil is in the Details!

Did you ever receive a letter from your doctor something like this?

Dear Joe,

It was good to see you the other day. The results of your physical and lab work are fine.

I look forward to seeing you next year.


Dr. Chris

Well, that’s great but what does that tell you? You know that you do not feel “fine.” You also do not know what your lab results actually are. Did you know that you have a legal right to know what your lab results are? And do you know why Dr. Chris says that you are fine when, in fact, you know for yourself that you don’t FEEL that way?

Obvious versus Trending Disease

What most physicians are trained to look for are signs of obvious disease. Lab results that are either too high or too low. A set of symptoms that fits into a box that screams at them “Diabetes!” “Heart Disease!” “Cancer!” or some other neat little package that fits some diagnosis. Do you want a diagnosis or do you want to feel great with more energy and vitality than ever before?

Do You Want to be Normal?

Here is the question. As someone who has worked in clinical laboratories for the past 20 years, I can tell you how laboratory ranges are developed. A new test is brought into the lab and the managers advertise to the whole hospital that they need 100 people to step forward and offer a sample of their blood so they can develop a “normal” range for that test. Let’s use a fasting glucose test as an example. This means that all 100 people need to offer their blood after fasting for a minimum of 12 hours. What the people setting the range on this instrument don’t know is that undiagnosed diabetes and pre-diabetes is rampant. Forty of the hundred people making the donation have one or the other. These people are going to make the “normal” range higher than it actually should be if we used all samples from people who did not have these conditions. Also, 20 of the 100 people forgot that the sample was supposed to be a fasting sample and gave anyway. Now, instead of a “normal” blood glucose fasting range of 70-100 mg/dl, the blood glucose fasting range has become 90-120 mg/dl. The test is put into use and people who were previously demonstrating a high result are now in the normal range.

The point is – do you want to be in the “normal” range when the range was determined by a bunch of people who have a situation that they are unaware of?

Get Copies of Your Test Results

This is part of your medical history and you have every right to request these. A functional care physician or a good health coach will be able to help you make sense of these results. If you have results that have consistently gone up, or down, over the course of two or more years, that is suggestive that an organ in your body is not working optimally. Take an offensive approach to your health. Make an appointment with me and we will work together to demystify your health.

Do not wait until your physician diagnosis you with obvious disease! Take action today!

Contact me for a “Demystifying Your Health” Session to learn what those lab results mean and what can be done to optimize your health.


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