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You Love Coffee… but Does Coffee Love You?

Every morning I ride the train into Boston and what I notice, day in and day out, is how many people are either asleep on the 6 am train or holding on to a cup of coffee for dear life. What many people do not realize is that their morning cup of joe, while giving them a jolt to getting started, is actually contributing to their fatigue later in the morning.

Many people in todays society are under chronic stress. That stress may be physical from an underlying bacterial, viral or yeast infection, emotional from going to that job that they hate everyday or struggling to make ends meet or environmental from taking toxins into our bodies from contaminated food or the air we breathe and struggling to remove them.

Caffeine contributes to our stress.

What’s in My Morning Cup?

People often say to me, “You don’t drink coffee?” Coffee has been come so ingrained into our culture that people are shocked to find out that I use coffee as an occasional treat. To find out why, visit my previous blog.  So, how do I start my day?

Well, besides a little journaling and some reflective quiet time, I like to start my day with this concoction: