Carol (Missy) Cohen MPH, CHHC

What’s in My Morning Cup?

People often say to me, “You don’t drink coffee?” Coffee has been come so ingrained into our culture that people are shocked to find out that I use coffee as an occasional treat. To find out why, visit my previous blog.  So, how do I start my day?

Well, besides a little journaling and some reflective quiet time, I like to start my day with this concoction:

1/2 lemon squeezed into the bottom of a cup

1-2 tablespoons organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar

a large sprinkle of cinnamon

Top the whole thing with warm water and enjoy!

Sometimes I also add a tablespoon of honey.


Well, the warm water hydrates by opening the cells and allowing the water to be absorbed. Cold water can shock the cells and close them down so that they do not take in the water as effectively.

Even though lemon starts out acidic, it turns into an alkaline ash when it is digested. The chemical processes in our bodies are more effective in an alkaline environment.

The apple cider vinegar stimulates the production of stomach acid which decreases as we age. Stomach acid is necessary to digest our food and get the most out of our nutrients.

There have been study after study done that demonstrate that cinnamon stabilizes blood sugars.

Local honey introduces small amounts of allergens into our system so that our immune system responds to those allergens appropriately instead of sending us into a huge allergic response.




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