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Are You Listening to Your Body?

That headache that you are suffering from is not just an annoyance. It is your body telling you something is wrong.

Ditto for the achy joints that you are experiencing, chronically runny nose, diarrhea or constipation, inability to clear your throat, problems sleeping, fatigue or heartburn. Even your inability to lose weight may be a sign that something is not right.

Did I miss anything? Yeah, that’s a sign that something is wrong too!

Are you listening?

Refrigerator Stir-Fry Surprise!

When I was in college, Wednesdays were my roommate, Dawne’s, turn to cook and she usually took whatever leftover vegetables we had, a can of beans and a pound of ground beef and threw it together. Voila! Hamburger surprise!

This recipe might be a tad more grown-up but no less fun. It comes from my friend, Tracy Harrison, at It’s an awesome recipe and a great way to clean out the refrigerator produce drawer and make use of veggie odd’n’ends.  If you don’t have the vegetables  recommended, substitute a chopped cup of whatever you do have on hand.  Be creative!