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An Excellent Mistake!

I tell anyone who asks, “a recipe is just a guideline.” There is no reason to follow a recipe exactly. Frequently, I will leave an ingredient out or trade something but I almost always try the recipe as it is written before I start playing with it.

I had been looking at a recipe for “Beet and Beef Burgers” in Clean Eating magazine forever and this weekend I finally put them on the meal plan for the week. I put my grocery list together, like I always do, with the ingredients for several meals and I set off for the Farmer’s Market to get as much of my list as possible.  As I was admiring the beautiful colors at the market, I picked up my carrots and beets for these burgers that I was so excited about.

Today, I went to work as usual and looked forward to coming home and making these delicious sounding burgers on my grill. I even had tomatoes and basil from my garden to round out the meal. I pulled everything out to make my creation and put the beets in my food processor to make quick work of grating them. I took the cover off and smelled… radishes?! Okay, the secret is out! I hate radishes! It’s a very sharp flavor that I have never quite gotten used to.

I looked at my son. He looked at me and said, “Well, remember what you always say, Mom. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

So, we shrugged and I continued to follow the directions substituting the unexpected radishes for the beets. As my son, the Grillmeister, cooked our hamburgers, I prepped some green beans and a salad to go with them. We sat down to eat, daring each other to take the first bite. And… they were really good! They were a little spicy, crunchy and, in short, amazing!

So, the moral of the story is… never be afraid to stray from a recipe!

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    Sounds good I’ll have to b try making them… you should post the recipe for to use as,a,guideline.


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      Thanks for the suggestion, Mark! I did. Look for Radish and Beef Burgers. I hope you give them a try – and enjoy them!


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