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Three easy steps to health

“There is no ‘disease’ in the body, only dis-ease. The origin is always unique – always.” – Dr. Jeffrey Bland, father of Functional Medicine.

When insurances code for different “diseases,” they refer to a book called the ICD-10 Guidebook. To date, that book has 14,000 unique diseases, syndromes and illnesses listed. In fact, when a disease is given a name; rheumatoid arthritis,  PMS, PCOS, or Type II Diabetes, to name a few, what we are really looking at is a group of symptoms that has been packaged into a disease. These groups of symptoms are really our bodies telling us that there is a problem: that our bodies are experiencing dis-ease.


Or are you covering your symptoms with a medication so that you don’t have to think about them anymore. When you hide the symptoms, they are just come out in different ways to let you know things are not alright. Then you cover the new symptom with a new medication and the vicious cycle continues until you are on multiple medications all because you chose not to listen.

Functional medicine, what I practice as a health coach, teaches us that there are only THREE! things that we need to address to help us find optimal health.

Why Isn’t My Diet Affecting My Cholesterol?

I have a good friend who was told that his cholesterol was high. He decided to try to avoid medications and approach the problem from a dietary viewpoint. He removed ALL sugars from his diet, including natural sugars such as honey, agave and maple syrup and ate a very healthy diet. He returned to the doctor 3 months later and his cholesterol had gone down a very disappointing 10 points.  He was upset, discouraged and very frustrated telling me this story but, as I shared with him, there is more to the story than just blood sugar and a healthy diet…